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IMBA and the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin join forces!

You join IMBA or an IMBA Chapter in Wisconsin and you are now also a BFW member as well.  Instead of three layers and three transactions, there will be one transaction that gives an off road cyclist in Wisconsin membership in their local club, their state wide organization and also their national organization.

The super lazers are all aligned and aimed at creating a better future for Wisconsin off road cycling that is for sure!  On top of that WORBA will be restructured as an association that will be housed programatically inside the BFW as well.

What does this mean for mountain bikers in WI?  First off it will allow a much broader power base in creating change both at the state level and on the national level.  In the past we had very fragmented information on memberships and contacts.  If we needed to do an action alert on things like RTP or other federal issues we had a very limited list of folks we could contact in WI.  The same went for WORBA, they had a limited list to work with on state issues, now we are aligned and we will have a point person for WI state issues within the BFW who can fine tune focus that powerful lazer to work on specific policy that challenges our access on WI public lands and have a powerful constituency to make it happen with.

It should also be noted that this is a very unique effort and that both Kevin Hardman of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and also Mike Van Abel of IMBA should be applauded for this ground breaking partnership.  It happened because of their visionary leadership. As a movement cycling in general has many cooks in the kitchen and this is one great example of how all types of cyclists can work together to create change in their states and communities.

I look forward to great opportunities with the BFW and cant wait to see how this positive change works out in the land of the Badger!

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Great thanx to Kevin Hardman

Great thanx to Kevin Hardman and Mike Van Abel and ofcourse their partnership. Waiting to see what changes will they bring next.
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