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FORC puts on Stellar Midwest Mountain Bike Festival!

Congrats to FORC for putting on a killer Midwest Mountain Bike Festival!

I have been working with these folks on and off for the past 8 or so months on the Summit side of things and know that they have been doing their homework for the Festival as a whole.  It really showed.  FORC had great volunteer attendance, great participation and a lot of people!  So again, thanks FORC for putting on a great event.

IMBA had myself, Steve and Morgan of the Trail Care Crew and Ryan Schutz in attendance.  During the Friday Summit we had about 44 folks, and 9 different clubs in attendance.

All the presentations went well, including the collective club presentation where we had each club speak a bit about their victories and their defeats over the past year.  Several themes came through in strength.  1.) Mountain bike clubs are no longer fighting for access, they are getting it all the time and perhaps too much of it!  That is a big change for our movement but one that I see on regional level for sure so it was great to hear clubs saying it. 2) Clubs need more capacity and more members to hop on all the opportunities that they have.  3) Clubs need more youth to get involved.

It was great to identify some of the common threads that the clubs are experiencing and to also give some tools (such as the IMBA Chapter Program) to them to use to create the needed change that they desire.

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