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December 2011 Mountain Bike Action Magazine feature on the IMBA Cuyuna Lakes Ride Center

Earlier this summer I did photo shoot for Mountain Bike Action at Cuyuna.  Pro rider Eric Carter flew in from CA and along with some great local riders ( Peter Gustafson, Rori Stumvoll, Nick Statz, Peter L.)  we rode and shot the full system of trails. The results are in a 7 page, 16 photo feature in this months MBA issue. So check it out!

As an advocate for off road cycling I find myself constantly telling stories.  For me, using the visual medium of photography seems to be an effective method of telling those stories.  This feature is a direct result of that.  I would like to thank all of the folks that helped me on this shoot, especially Mike Van Abel and the folks at IMBA!


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Hansi, thanks for blogging this. I subscribed to the digital version of the magazine, just so I could read the article. Your photos are terrific. I've blogged about it here:

Hopefully, that'll get some others to subscribe. I've posted about it in the MORC Cuyuna forum, too:

It seemed a little strange that the article was co-written by you and Eric Carter, yet it reads as if it was written by a magazine staffer, eg:

"Mountain Bike Action teamed up with mountain bike legend Eric Carter and guide, photographer and IMBA's Midwest regional director Hansi Johnson to explore the new network of trails."

I'm guessing that you wrote the whole thing and the editorial staff back in California made a few edits. I know now that it's mainly a promo/info piece, not a review, but I think it would be best if you clarified this in your blog post.

It's a minor criticism, tho. I'm thrilled to see the article. I'm a recent convert to mountain biking and Cuyuna is the main reason.

Keep up the good work.


Hansi, Nick Statz just posted


Nick Statz just posted a more detailed explanation in the MORC forum about how the article came about.