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Bell Built Numbers so Far: What they mean for Midwest IMBA Chapters

Coldwater, AL 29%

Burke, VT 29%

Corral, CA 19%



Rock Hill, SC 22%

Wolfes Pond, NY 13%

Bear River, CO 25%



Sandy, OR 36%

Zapata, CO 5%

Launch, PA 20%


So lets talk a little bit about numbers.  I used to hate numbers, I mean really, really hate numbers.  However later in life I have learned to love them.  To learn from them.


Take the numbers above.  These are the mid-term numbers from the Bell Built Grant FB Contest as seen on their site.


Keep in mid that these early numbers will be more reflective of the hard core rider and advocates in the mountain bike community.  These are the people that are paying attention.


There will be a more broad based marketing push for the contest in the future and I believe we may see a lot more folks who participate who are not as tied into advocacy and or keeping their eyes on the better riding out there.  That is awesome as maybe they will start paying attention now, but they will overwhelm the numbers eventually.


So the beauty of these numbers as they stand now is that they are the voice of a very discerning crowd.


There is an award of about $30,000 plus thousand dollars within each Bell category.


The Categories are Flow, DH and Pump Track (Bike Park).


Over 100 clubs from across the country applied for the grants with prospective projects in all three categories.  12 were chosen out of the original 100 and now they are in mortal combat on Facebook.


The numbers above are the percentages of votes so far for each finalist and category as of March 14th 2013.


To me these numbers speak volumes.


First off Midwest IMBA Chapters are either leading in every category of the contest, or are within a percentage point or two of being first. They are competing.


That is unprecedented , Midwest clubs going head to head with the mountain states in categories that most folks assume cant even exist here, let alone thrive here.  Nice work Brown CountyCopper Harbor and MORC!


These numbers tell me that as a region we are becoming united, communicating and working and sharing together and that our vision and strategy to bring world class riding to the Midwest is effective and viable.


Certainly it also means a lot to me as well because I really feel like the work we are doing at IMBA as an organization (and thus regionally) is working and again we see that in these results overall.


People are voting with the searing memories of modern, world class riding experiences in their heads and are passionate enough and willing enough to step up and voice their opinions because they are directly seeing the benefits by doing so.  Lucky for us, many of those searing memories are coming from the amazing work our IMBA clubs are doing here in the Midwest!


The other cool thing is that the majority of the highest scoring projects are all based around newer, more modern flow based and machine built trail systems.  It proves to me that folks are riding these systems, valuing these systems and asking for more.


Mountain Biking is seeing a revolution in trails development and much of that rebellion is happening right here in the Midwest and these numbers are the proof in the pudding...


Get out and VOTE if you have not.


Your clubs and your riding spots will appreciate it!  On top of that, join your local club, join IMBA and get on board because the bus is rolling and we are having a good time on it.........

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