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Andy, Frank and Jens all kicking it on mountain bikes at Trek World 2011

On Monday night at least 500 folks lined up and waited in a huge line to get an autograph from Cancellara, the Schlecks and Jens Voigt.  Tuesday, myself and about 20 other mountain bikers got to ride with them, speak with them and see them in action....

I had a funny thought on this on my drive home.  In the last year I have met and had great conversations and photo's with

John Burke, Dave Weins, Hans Rey, Eric Carter, Gary Fisher.  I have also met Christian Van de Velde, Jason Macarthy, Robbie Ventura, Jens Voigt, Andy and Frank Schleck and Fabian Cancellara.  Oh yeah and Pete Webber too!  Pete is the coolest of them all though.....

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