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Dig In: Meet Aimee Ross

In this series, Dig In is profiling all 21 women who work for IMBA. We want to show that we’re just regular people who happen to have awesome jobs. And the hope is that by getting to know us, you’ll feel more comfortable seeing us as an approachable resource. Our second profile is Aimee, IMBA Advocacy Manager. She works out of the Boulder, CO, office and is one of the lead wranglers of this blog.

Age: 34

Hometown: Cheboygan, MI (not Sheboygan … that’s in Wisconsin)

How might we know you? I’m sure that what you think an "advocacy manager" does and what I actually do may differ to some degree, so hopefully this helps: I’m housed in the Government Affairs Department so, yeah, I’m somewhat nerdy. I work to develop materials that educate and assist our grassroots networks on how to work effectively with local land management agencies to maintain or gain access to our product: trails!

How long have you been with IMBA? 9 months and I’m still fired up!

What was your mountain biking experience BEFORE joining IMBA? Intermediate and I’m pretty sure I’ve plateaued. But I lived in California for several years, so maybe it’s just the elevation that I’m not used to.

Tell us about the bike you chose to be photographed with: I choose my Juliana Furtado because this bike changed my riding experience. I’m a huge fan of its 27.5” wheels and its pedaling efficiency. The bike has allowed me to appreciate climbing again. Later, I’ll fill you in on the crazy story of how I ended up with my Juliana. (Trust me; you don’t want to miss that…)

What other bikes do you own? Coast Flyer Cruiser with a sweet basket; Focus Izalco Ergoride 2.0 road bike (my first ever carbon bike), and a Juliana Nevis 29” hardtail (which some of us jokingly call a hybrid). And by the way, I now own more bikes than my semi-famous, former pro-racer husband; poor guy!

What other things do you like to do outside? Soaking up the sun, hiking and playing fetch with my dog, Mea (when and if she brings the ball back), gardening with the husband, running, lounging, twirling in the yard, cross-country and downhill skiing, and riding dirt bikes.

Tell us about a few things you’re really proud of: I’m proud of my 9-year career path in the cycling industry (specifically within mountain biking). I feel accomplished that the first guy I ever dated for more than a year, I married, and we been together for more than four years and married now for two. I’m extremely proud of my family and friends that have helped shape the person I am by instilling me with my morals and sense of ownership. Yeah, sappy stuff, I know.

New to Dig In? Read the intro post here.

Next up (Thursday), Aimee will share a hilarious story about the time she almost broke up with mountain biking, and what eventually brought her back.

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