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Destination highlight: Park City, Utah

Destination highlight: Park City, Utah

By: IMBA Destinations
Posted: September 28, 2015

After being designated as IMBA’s first gold-level Ride Center three years ago and reconfirmed in 2015, Park City continues to set the bar for what a world-class mountain biking destination should look like. With over 500 miles of trail accessible from town that cater to all types of riders, any mountain biker from the beginner to the adventure fueled veteran will enjoy themselves in Park City. 

Scott House and Mark Fischer, two community leaders in the Park City mountain bike scene (Fischer is part-owner of local guide Service White Pine Touring as well as the editor and chief of and House is the communications and social media director for as well as a local guide) sat down with IMBA to explain how Park City has become a Mecca of mountain biking, and where they see the area progressing in the future. 

After talking with Fischer and House, two factors stood out that contributed the most to the development of Park City as a premier mountain bikers destination: easy access to trails and the support and passion of the community. 

“What sets Park City apart is the easy access to trails from town and the wide spread community support for mountain biking.” Fischer said. “Your garage is your trailhead. You can stay anywhere in town and be out riding single track trails in minutes.” 

The integration of the town and the trail system, and the community wide enthusiasm for mountain biking guided a collective action that pushed the destination to a new level. “Everyone is all in. The community is so cycling friendly and cycling oriented.” Said House. “We already had all of the pieces in place to come together to promote Park City as a mountain biking destination.”

The Park City community is so determined to invest in the future of mountain biking that in 2014 tax payers and the city bonded to fund the newly expanded Trailside Bike Park. “The ability to ride high quality mountain bike trails is part of the fabric of being in Park City” said Fischer. “People are very committed to the open space. Everyone works together to take care of and pick up the trails. 90 percent of Park City locals use the trails often.”

Emphasizing the cohesive community commitment to the development of the sport, Park City continues to have a strong commitment to maintaining its current trail system. With the help of the local mountain bike advocacy group the Mountain Trails Foundation and various city and county agencies, Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain, the annual budget for trail development and maintenance has topped over $1 million dollars a year for the past decade.

The dedication for the sport of mountain biking sets Park City apart as a premier world mountain biking destination. The friendliness of the locals, who for decades have been accepting visiting bike and ski enthusiasts into their town, set the tone for what the city of Park City stands for as a destination. 

“For a long time Moab was the only true mountain biking destination. Any level of rider can now come to Park City and enjoy their visit. There is something for everyone here.” Fischer said. 

“I want to go to a place where I can ride all day everyday and never touch the same trail for a week.” said House. Park City is that place and “ It hooks people for life.” 

Visit Park City, ride the trails, and feel the passion for mountain biking that seeps through every crack of the community.

We know you will be hooked. 

For more information on Park City visit IMBA’s Destinations Page. 


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