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We Are All Mountain Bikers, Stronger When We Stand As One

I’m writing this to you from the kick off of the mountain biking season—Sea Otter. I can’t help but remember my first Sea Otter way back when. I don’t think I was at the first one but I’m thinking that I was at the second or third. It must have been 1992 and I’m pretty sure it was only an XC mountain bike race, and not a big one. It was just getting started.

Right now, I’m about two months into the job as IMBA’s Executive Director—I’m also just getting started. And as we begin the 2017 mountain biking season I see another start happening that our team at IMBA has been working very hard to build: The future IMBA. It’s taking shape rapidly. There’s a lot to talk about in that regard, which is why I’ll be posting regular blogs going forward.

IMBA is coming out of a restructuring as an organization. In mountain biking terms, we’ve suffered a mechanical way out on a backcountry ride. We’re back on the bike and pedaling with a lot of trail to cover. But we know where we’re going and we know we will get there.

Today’s IMBA is lean, nimble and is listening. We want to embody what’s important to our stakeholders while retaining the trusted reputation we’ve created as mountain bikers over the past 30 years. Now is the time to reinforce that reputation, not let it recede.

Fast forward 25 years after my first spin around Sea Otter and the event is now home to so many different kinds of bikes and different styles of riding, thanks in part to IMBA’s work to preserve Monterey’s Fort Ord trails. As the mountain bike family gets bigger and more diverse, we’re held together by a critical common bond: We love to ride.

If we as mountain bikers can work to unite around our love for riding and embrace another easy point of agreement—having great places to ride—we can grow what we have in common. We can stick together even a bit more to carry forward a louder, more powerful voice for mountain biking. It’s never been more important for us to unite to defend and grow our trails.

We’d be honored to have you come along for the ride!

Stay tuned for more updates. The next blog will be coming May 4th.

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Mountain Bikers

Here is the problem with groups like first it was ok, a few folks headin into the trails just to cruise em and look at scenery.....not now. Now you have everyday assholes that follow the Charlie Kelly routine of blasting through the terrain like KKK assholes. Way back when every arse did not want a jump every 3 feet and did not mind animals, rocks but never really wanted to see other people.

The bottom line is this is no different than allowing a motocross bike out in the wild, they do not belong....when you get that you will understand that the World already has enough trails, no more needed, especially the ADA four wheeler style road that you all call a trail now.

Find a good cause like a way to alleviate the resource usage by people just pursuing pleasure over creations best....that best is not you and your Julihana carbon mountain bike.

All mountain biking does is fragment further the natural terrain for animals, and they do not need the grape ape, albino gorilla or whatever shit out in the wild....stay home polish your carbon tool and watch KKK movies.



I believe in you and IMBA and just renewed my membership. We need a strong IMBA and mountain biking community to keep growing this great sport and lifestyle.

One request: please don't forget about us down here in Texas. Great riding, especially in the Hill Country of Central Texas, and plenty of private ranch land ripe for agreements to allow access. Thanks!



You had to know this comment was coming. A big reason IMBA is having such a hard time is because of their stance on the STC's platform. Time to get on board. If anything, at least honor the agreement you made with them concerning not undermining them.

Excellent point

It's make or break time for IMBA. They have waffled on Wilderness for far too long, fighting what was at best a managed retreat. Now they're painfully silent on ebikes, while continuing to distance themselves from STC. I have high hopes that Dave Wiens could be the one to make IMBA a relevant org (I'd say once again... but not sure they ever have been), but it's time to take some strong positions. Get rid of board members that are giving interviews criticizing STC and stop working against them. Follow that up with 'ebikes are motorized'. No need to demonize them, just to call them what they are and let land managers manage them accordingly.

My bet - neither will occur, IMBA will continue its contraction, and ultimately fade away.

Please read the joint statement...

And not totally agreeing with the STC's stance has noting to do with IMBA's past issues.


IMBA needs to get on board with the STC and back them 100% in order to protect more mountain bike trails for everyone to ride. Just because IMBA is a 501(c) does not mean they cannot support the STC.