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A Trailbuilding Primer For Western Maryland

Trail Solutions returned June 2012 for a third time to western Maryland to share the latest in hand- and mechanized trailbuilding techniques with a new generation of land managers, advocates, and seasonal trail crew.

Garrett Trails has stepped into a leadership role in the region, hiring a seasonal crew for a third year and outfitting them with a DitchWitch SK-650.  They also futher cementing their partnerships with the state's Department of Natural Resource by offering the training opportunities to staff at the region's State Parks and Forests.  ASCI's Fork Run provided the canvas for exercising the new skills, as training participants flagged new segments, built trail by hand, and then experienced the productivity improvement potential of using the small walk-behind dozer.

With the hard work and advocacy of Garrett Trails and a multi-year trails funding commitment from MDNR, look out Harrisonburg, Canaan Valley, and Raystown: big things are coming to western Maryland!

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More Information on Garrett Trails?

As someone who passes through Garrett County regularly (at least 6x per year) and has been frustrated by the great potential of the area for mountain biking but the current scarcity of good mtb trails (XC ski trails are not good mtb trails), this post is very interesting to me. Could you provide more information about where these trails are/will be located, and when they will be ready to ride? Thanks!

Try Fork Run

The training happened at Fork Run.  A small system, only 5 miles or so, but probably the best thing going for singletrack in Garrett Co today. Click on the link for more info.  Or go to the Garrett Trails webpage.

As for bigger things, IMBA is currently working through the paperwork with MDNR to kickoff a multi-phase trail improvement project on state lands around the lake.  There is a chance construction for phase-1 could happen before major snow starts flying again.  Stay tuned.