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St Marys Goes From Loop to Figure-8

Mid Atlantic RD Frank Maguire was able to combine some generous local donations with Trail Building Fund to allow Trail Solutions to spend two weeks in St Marys County Maryland to help one of IMBA's newest chapters make some long-overdue improvements to their main trail system.

Southern MD Mountain Bikers (aka SMMB) depend on the 7.5 mile trail at St Marys River State Park for their local fix of dirt.  They've got it polished into a tasty gem of single track, not just for riding but also for local hikers and equestrians.  But 7.5 miles is only 7.5 miles!  Recent timber activities at the adjacent Salem Tract of Maryland State Forests created the opportunity to leverage cleanup activities to expand the loop into a 10 mile figure-8.

Enter Trail Solutions.  TS employed their walk-behind skid steer to clean up some legacy forest roads and carve a new piece of single track across the just-reclaimed harvest area.

SMMB hopes to use this opportunity to create better synergy between the club, State Parks, and State Forest, to further expand the system in the coming years.  From the smiles on riders and runners coming through the new loop as we were packing up, I'd say they are off to a great start!

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