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New Thing in Newark?

Shortly after IMBA’s World Summit conference, Trail Specialists Dan Hudson and Tammy Donahugh visited Newark DE to view and discuss feasible locations for a local pump track and flow lines.

Newark’s local chapter, the Trail Spinners, are well distinguished in planning, fundraising, and building great trails, but this will be their first foray on a bike park style project.  Jim Ireland, president of the Trail Spinners, made sure to involve all of the proper stakeholders as well as provide Trail Solutions with a handful of possible locations and ideas for what could be achieved.

After spending two days meeting, riding, and visiting with the locals a site was agreed upon.  The development would include gravity style jump lines for all ability levels as well as a pump track.  The chosen location has park amenities already in place and links some of their in town trails together.  What could be better!?

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Trail Spinners would like to

Trail Spinners would like to thank IMBA, Tammy Donahugh and Dan Hudson for helping us with our local politicians, land managers and cycling community. Everyone seems stoked on the project. We can't wait to see the first draft of the concept plan.

Thank you!

Big thanks go to the Trail Spinners for getting this project going! We could not effectively do our work without our network of clubs, chapters, and advocates.