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Lost Coast Communique

A carrier pigeon just dropped off the latest report from IMBA Trail Specialist Joey Klein, who is continuing his multi-year trail effort to build the Paradise Royale trail at California's remote and spectacular Lost Coast.

Watch a video featuring Joey and his work on the Lost Coast.

Hey All,

We had a great little volunteer day recently, the Bigfoot Club and members from the Humboldt State University race team helped us hand finish another machine section and connect to the famous "Rabbit Hole." We rode and or ran back to last year's Courtyard Loop, with many riders wanting to turn around and go right back up and do it again! Despite 6 inches of leaves and sticks this trail is becoming one of our absolute finest.

The BLM King Range Field Station Manager likes the name "Pacific Rim Trail" for this segment. It adds 8 miles to Paradise Royale Loop but there are over 2-3 miles of unobstructed, jaw-dropping ocean and wilderness views! We'll probably need about two more months of construction to finish the connection and tidy up last year's work. This section has a great blend of trail riding and flow lines; it took longer than expected but the results are fantastic!

On a side note, the HSU cycling team (aka "the Bad News Bears of mountain biking") is now the top team in the WCCC. They've topped all the competition they've faced, in Div. I and II. (Theyre' Div. II, but it doesn't seem to matter to these kids!). Imagine how this little school who until last year didn't even own uniforms, now they are beating Stanford, UCLA, SDSU, etc.  They do a good deal of their training on this very trail system! The kids are off to Nationals this weekend...

The weather is still outstanding with locals stating they've never seen the ocean this calm for this long...isn't it snowing in the rest of the country?

I hope everyone who reads this gets to ride here some day.


Joey Klein

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Hi Joey (and Tony)

Hi Joey from Western Australia

Sounds like a great trail - I hope I get to ride it one day. Things going well here - Nick Bowman in town at present and Dafydd Davis heading here in a couple of weeks. Lots of trails in planning - Tony maybe we could use your little yellow dozer sooner rather than later!

Rod Annear

nice work mate!

sounds exciting joey san, just following up some of ur ambassador work down under. all is well, everyone says hi to u no matter where i go! waiting for our lil yellow trail dozer to shatter the flow trail industry wide open down under!