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Knights That Say Ni, er, Flow!

Trail Specialists Randy Spangler and Dan Hudson are paying a visit to the Kingdom Trails Association, courtesy of Bell Helmets, to work on the Rolly Grail Trail at KTA's Burke Bike Park.

Rolly Grail is the introductory lift-served flow trail at Burke Mountain. While much of its top portion is working great, KTA has not had the time to take the lower half off of an old groomer track. Enter Sir Spangler and Sir Hudson! Fending off killer rabbits, er, mosquitos, alternating between a mini-ex and a skid-steer, Randy and Dan have been laying down some of Trail Solution's renown flow-magic for riders in the northeast.

Bad Monty Python jokes aside, this project in Burke is just what IMBA was hoping for when the Bell Built program was launched. It is a relatively modest effort that returns huge dividends, and one that is multiplied a many times over through the support of the KTA Trail Crew working alongside Trail Solutions to get it done.

Now, what is that grail-shaped beacon over yonder? I sense great peril!

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