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King Range Connector Cutting Continues

Like Swallows and Capistrano (okay, that's in the spring but you get the idea) early fall means our colleague Joey Klein returning to the King Range!

Last summer and fall's big push by Trail Solutions and California Conservation Corps teams resulted in the lions' share of the connection from the new Shelter Cove Road trailhead site to the Paradise Royale loop being laid down.  This 8-mile segment will eliminate the need to do the four mile dirt drive toward King Peak necessary today to access the loop, provide pretty amazing ocean + north coast views, and raise the already-high flow-bar for riding in the King Range.

But, like many good things, building this segment is hard - it ain't called the Lost Coast for nothing!  Joey and the BLM team have hit the ground running and if all goes well could make the final connection this season.  But rains have come early and if they stick around the link won't happen til next season.

Want to help?  Eureka/Arcata's Bigfoot Bicycle Club is having a big volunteer day on Saturday Oct 15.  They'll make it worth your while with free camping and BBQ for folks who swing a tool.  Hot showers too!

The pics say it all.  Joey is working his best magic to create a trail worthy of California's amazing north coast.  The new connector will expand riding options to upwards of 30 miles.  Then there is the gravity playground by the Tolkan campground for those who stick around.  If you like what you see, be sure to stop by BLM's King Range office to let them know - future phases are in the works and every good word helps.

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We love Joey out here! He really does work magic, leaving a swath of gorgeous trails and happy colleagues behind him. Another exceptional diplomat from IMBA.


We here on the North Coast are stoked to be a part of this trail system. We're excited to jump in with Joey, Gary, and Wayne and cut some bench this weekend.