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Continued Efforts on the Tin Man Trail in Hong Kong

Continued Efforts on the Tin Man Trail in Hong Kong

By: Chris Kehmeier
Posted: November 21, 2014

In early November, Trail Specialist HM Lim visited Hong Kong for a continued effort on the Tin Man trail. Focusing on the upper third of the trail, HM, AFCD staff, HKMBA volunteers and the trail construction crew installed several bermed turns and some rolling contour trail. The steeper upper reaches of the mountain required heavy bench cutting through sand stone along with the installation of some armored rollers. The hardened rollers will hold up to the sometime heavy precipitation (think typhoon) and offer a fun, textured riding experience.

The terrain and the views are nothing short of awesome. As riders descend through the cascading jungle they are offered views of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Once completed the new Tin Man trail will connect the Tin Fu Tsai skills area with the lower reservoir trails around Tai Lam Chung reservoir. All in all good fun.

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