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Plans For New Trails At Land Heritage Institute

The Land Heritage Institute (LHI) is a living museum on 1200 acres of open space along the banks of the Medina River on the far south side of San Antonio, Texas. LHI preserves and maintains the acreage, and the organization has developed many successful interpretive programs that help visitors to the site understand the history of the place and how its 10,000 years of continual human habitation have contributed to the character and uniqueness of this landscape.


LHI has found that the development of trails on the property has been useful in helping to get people actively engaged in interpretive programs. IMBAs Trail Solutions has been working with LHI on the design of an expanded trail network on the property that would serve mountain bikers, hikers and equestrian. Earlier this year I visited the site and worked with the board of Directors on a conceptual trail design for the property.


The LHI is in the good hands of its board of Directors - all are hard working volunteers who are spearheading efforts to development important programs which support the mission of LHI. On top of this the board takes a lead roll in the hands-on upkeep and improvement of the property. Trail Solutions is proud to be partnering with this outstanding organization as it works to improve trail opportunities in the greater San Antonio region while strongly carrying its mission forward.

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