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Indian Spring Trails Corridor Flagging Underway (Agent Orange Turns Green)

The BLM Burley Field Office is proceeding with its study of improvements to the Indian Spring Trail Network in Idaho's Magic Valley. The National Environmental Policy Act requires the BLM to study how the development of new trails will impact the environmental and cultural resources present on the site.


I'm busy flagging the locations of where the new trails would run. It's great work – tons of hiking and lots of thinking and problem solving. Plus I kind of like how a day of tying flagging to sage and bitterbrush turns my hands green.


Once the proposed trails are flagged in the field the BLM will send out specialists to observe the trail alignments firsthand. The specialists will walk the proposed trails and assess how they might impact sensitive wildlife, plant species, and geologic and cultural resources.


I've gotten a good start to my work – unfurling about three-quarters of a mile of fluorescent orange flagging and tying-off a couple thousand flags so far. When all is said and done we'll be looking at around twenty miles of new trails under consideration. Adding that to the 40+ miles of existing trails at Indian Spring is sure to broaden rider smiles.

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