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Blow My Pedals Off

Back when mountain biking was a new thing, riders in Twin Falls, Idaho were creating rides by piecing together old two-track roads, cow paths, motorcycle trails, and 4x4 routes. Some of those rides weren't too shabby, but things have progressed well beyond those humble beginnings. Local riders are increasingly enjoying good riding on better trails. In an effort to make more progress the Southern Idaho Mountain Biking Association (SIMBA), the Burley BLM Field Office and IMBA's Trail Solutions are working together to develop a sustainable trail system.


The BLM has hired Trail Solutions to develop a conceptual plan for a 30,000 acre parcel of land known as Indian Springs. A Trail Solutions crew is assessing existing routes and developing a conceptual design for a sustainable network of mountain bike trails on the BLM property.


Local rider and long time SIMBA member Doug Schwab says the effort is paying off. “We owe a big thanks to the BLM's Mike Courtney and the IMBA crew...they are doing a very thorough study of the area and putting together a proposal that will blow your pedals off!”

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Indian Springs, Twin Falls, ID

Thanks for all your work guys. It's a long road ahead of us, but with your support, guidance and knowledge on our side, great things are going to happen. Keep us in the loop and let us know what else we can do! Bob & Robin, CycleTherapy & SIMBA supporters

Indian Springs trails

Over the years and rides I have experienced Indian Springs is a great place to add additional trails as a whole system. exusting trails work well, new ones can make the place the place to go, just share it w/ rattlesnakes during their season.Great to have a land manager supporting the effort.