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Chicago Bike Park

The future of cycling took a turn towards awesome earlier this week in Chicago.  IMBA Trail Solutions is teaming up with the Chicago Park District, SRAM and Hitchcock Design Group to begin designs for a bike park element at Park 564 (aka Big Marsh).  While the park will encompass several phases of design and construction, the early phases include substantial bike park interests.  As part of IMBA’s Bike Park Initiative, Trail Specialists Randy Spangler and Chris Kehmeier along with IMBA Regional Director Andy Williamson toured the site, met with local stakeholders and participated in a design charrette with the key players.  While the immediate future will see refinement of the design and more input, there is a very bright light shining at the end of the tunnel.  Once the dirt starts flying and trails start appearing, expect something quite remarkable for all cyclists at Big Marsh.

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