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Your Dream Singletrack Vacation at Rancho Oso Negro

When Sr. Ricardo Ganem contacted Trail Solutions we knew immediately that the project was going to be special.  The photos he sent of the site outside Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, were stunning: soaring mountains, huge rock faces, and so many animals it looked like a wildlife preserve.  Wishing to perpetuate the conservation legacy established by his abuelo, Ricardo conceived of a mountain bike destination as a sustainable solution.  With the idea for Rancho Oso Negro born, Trail Solutions went to work.

After an initial assessment visit the Trail Solutions team had difficulty prioritizing which trails to develop first, as there was so much amazing terrain.  Focusing on a loop out the back door of the villa, Trail Solutions trained a local labor force who cranked out beautiful, ripping trails, all for the pleasure and enjoyment of mountain bike visitors.  Fortunately, the bears are tame and are little problem compared to the rocky soils and spiny plants.

Ricardo hopes to open Rancho Oso Negro in late 2011, and continue to develop bike-specific trails over the next several years.  With a mild winter climate, flow-based singletrack, and plenty of vertical it will be the perfect solution to the mid-February malaise.

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Let's hear more about those rock faces

Let's hear more about those rock faces ... limestone cliffs maybe? Anyone who has climbed other near-to-Monterrey climbing areas like Portrero Chico or El Salto has to hope that Ranch Oso Negro might have similar offerings.