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Trails = $ales

Earlier this year, Trail Specialist Tammy Donahugh visited the Copper Harbor Ride Center to lead a skills clinic, participate in a photo shoot, and spend quality time with Midwest Regional Director Hansi Johnson and local Trail Specialist Arron Rogers.

While there, Tammy had the opportunity to ride with Steve Vizanko, owner of The Bike Shop in nearby Houghton. Steve indicated that visitation to the Houghton/Copper Harbor area has increased so much that his shop needs another employee in the summertime to answer questions from all the riders who are coming to visit the trails. Anecdotal stories like these bolster studies showing that cycling tourism is a valuable piece of the recreation economy and validate IMBA's proposition that good trails will get more people riding more often.

Photos of Tammy Donahugh on the Copper Harbor Ride Center trails courtesy of Aaron Peterson.

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