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Trail Solutions Returns to China

Trail Solutions has returned to Jinggangshan, China, for a follow up to their visit in January. Trail Specialist Randy Spangler and Project Manager Chris Kehmeier have been hard at work building a pump park and a competition track for future races.

Randy Spangler has spent all of his time in a giant bamboo forest working with local villagers moving dirt, stacking rocks, and building rainbow bridges. His work has culminated in what has to be the best pump park in China; it may also be the only pump trail in China. He will spend the rest of his time tuning the pump lines, constructing a return trail, and teaching the local bikers the finer art of pumping.

Chris Kehmeier assisted a small army of villagers in creating a dynamic race loop that incorporates short, punchy climbs, tight singletrack, and quick descents. The loop will see action at the end of April, when a competition will be hosted on the newly created trail. Chris is also busy designing more trails to be completed after he and Randy return back to the US.

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