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Trail Solutions' Newest Builder

Forrest “you don’t need a nickname if your name is Forrest” Bault grew up a few miles from the Black Rock trails outside of Falls City, Oregon. After travelling the world in service with the Air Force, Forrest settled down — a little — spending time in Bend, Oregon; Sand Point, Idaho; Telluride, Colorado; and Ajo, Arizona.

A rider since the age of 10, Forrest brings a ton of passion to the job. His favorite style of riding is Enduro and you can find him earning his turns at favorite trails like the Abajos and Kokopelli in Colorado, La Barranca del Cobre in Mexico, and the ridges off of the St. Joe drainage in Idaho.

One of IMBA’s newest Trail Specialists, Forrest is learning more every day and has been instrumental in making the new Alsea Falls Trails as nice to look at as they are fun to ride. He doesn’t leave home for a build without his chainsaw, rogue hoe, and Pulaski. And for the final touches, he counts rain among his essential trail building items.

Forrest’s best advice for builders is to get involved, and don’t be afraid to learn, try, adapt, repeat. Dirt is dynamic; it’s always changing and will never be the same twice, so get creative.

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