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A Trail by Any Other Name Would Ride As Sweet (with Apologies to Bill Shakespeare)

John Gardiner recently posted this article about bike-specific trails. He focuses on the new-school breed of trails that are designed and built specifically for the enjoyment of mountain bicyclists, requesting that "mtb-specific trails should be the exception, not the rule." We are pleased at the direction of this discussion as it points to an overwhelming success on IMBA's part in creating high-quality riding opportunities, where only a few scant years ago the topic was dominated by pleading just to be invited to participate in the conversation.

It is clear that misconceptions abound about the current crop of mountain bike trails, such as that they are all wide and smooth as pavement. Mr. Gardiner's thoughtful comments also point to the need for better nomenclature: for example, there are no clear divisions between his request for mountain bike friendly trails versus ones that are mountain bike specific.

Words aside, what is your opinion about the increase in trails that contain rollers, bermed turns, and optional lines? Is this a good thing or something to be specifically guarded against?

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