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The Tao of Flow

The recent opening of the Coldwater Mountain trail system in Anniston, AL, has brought a new style of riding to many mountain bikers in the region. A recent inquiry by a new fan of the Bomb Dog trail elicted this sage response from Trail Solutions' Rich Edwards:

The spacing and angles of the rollers vary widely to provide a little something for everyone. Some of them may also be jumpable, but that is up to the rider to decide. If a rider doesn't feel comfortable with trying a move or riding faster than his/her comfort zone allows then it's time to slow down. For that reason we made sure the entire trail could be ridden with tires on the ground and at a wide range of speeds. There are many alternate features and lines that riders can choose to interpret as they see fit.

The same line ridden at different speeds allows for different possibilities. On sections of trail with rollers one rider may pump them, the next rider manual them and the next may double them. The Trail Solutions team left an enormous amount of options to be explored within the trail corridor. Repeated rides on that trail will develop a rider's pumping and carving skills while teaching both motion control and bike balance, helping one advance to the next level of skill.

Translation: it's a whole lot of fun for a whole lot of people, and that is part of the beauty of a flow trail.

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