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Ski Flying Destination Eyes Mountain Biking

Copper Peak, located in Ironwood, MI, hosts the largest ski jump in the world, with an imposing metal structure rising over the local Chippewa Hill. The resulting drop sends skiers soaring 600 feet or further as they loft through the air.

With great terrain, tourist amenities, and a lift running year-round, the residents of Ironwood have rightfully turned their sights to developing mountain bike trails for summertime use. To assist in this effort Trail Solutions worked with the Gogebic Range Bike Club to plan, design, and begin construction of new trails. Members of the bike club were also trained in the use of mechanized equipment and are raising funds to purchase a mini-excavator to speed their work.

A solid vision, a great plan, and a trained group of operators guarantees that Copper Peak will soon be known for more than just flying skiers, and in no time there will be a whole new group of users flying down the mountain on bikes.

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