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Site Visit for Kerruish Bike Park

Now that the snow has cleared from the Great Lakes region the Trail Solutions team has swung into action. Trail Specialist Jason Wells visited Kerruish Park, recipient of a Bike Park Initiative grant, to begin designing a full complement of mountain bike trails. Operating on the principle that good users drive out bad ones, the park will host a collection of tracks and trails to reduce the illegal ATV use that is damaging the landscape.

Working with the land manager and with local trail advocates from the Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association, Jason provisionally located a pump track, gravity flow trails, and a singletrack loop trail. The information is being rendered on a site plan and captured in a report that will be used to assist the city with constructing the project.

As a bonus, Ray Petro of the famous Ray's MTB Indoor Park was on hand to offer his expertise. With such great local support the project is guaranteed to be a success.

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