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Sea Otter Ride Zone a Success With Kids Big and Small

The Ride Zone at Sea Otter is always a hive of activity, with little kids antsy to get moving and adult-sized kids looking to test the newest offerings from bike companies. This year was the most comprehensive track yet with Trail Solutions' Chris Leman, Randy Spangler, and Shane Wilson working long hours to build a tot track, kids' pump track, test track, and mini jump line. While it frequently felt like a trail builder reality show as the crew raced the clock and sweated the details, in the end the unlimited smiles from the riders justified every early morning start and frantic phone call.

Special thanks to College Cyclery, the builder in previous years, who supplied Josh Bender to the effort, and to Alpine Bike Parks who supplied the Flow Form features.

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This looks amazing. I wish I could have been there with my little grom!