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Runca Trail: The Longest Flow Trail in Europe

The Runcatrail is the longest flow trail in Europe!

The lower section was designated as a Flow Country Trail by IMBA in Fall 2012.

In the summer of 2012 it was was comprehensively renovated and a new lower section was added. The upper section will be finished in Summer 2013, with an opening ceremony scheduled for July.

The lower portion of the new Runcatrail is graded at easy to medium. Beginners ride over simple rollers while more skilled bikers can jump the rollers stylishly and at speed. With its wooden, dirt, and freeride features the Runcatrail is a playground for freestyle-loving mountain bikers and freeriders. The fresh surface and new features along its length make it a more playful route with significantly better flow. All the wooden elements are painted with textured paint and therefore remain non-slip even when wet.

Watch a video of the Runca Trail.

Segment Descriptions

Naraus to Punt Desch (Warmup)

The Runcatrail starts at the Naraus cable car station at 1,800 metres above sea level. A level path with some corners and rollers leads to the start of the flow trail at Punt Desch.

Punt Desch to Startgels

Banked slalom through alpine meadows along the wild Flembach stream, with a short incline in the middle and finishing up with a few berms. Fast stretches allow riders to get up considerable speed.

Startgels to Plaun gl‘ Urs  (Super Marioland)

The first 200 metres rise and fall, twisting left and right, through Super Marioland. This is followed by a quiet section through the Plaun gl‘ Urs which gives riders time to shake out their hands and enjoy the small high-alpine plateau.

Val gl’Urs to Panoweg

Then it's into the forest, steep at first, with more berms followed by some bumps and jumps. Finally, high up on the Panoweg, enjoy the view and catch your breath, re-group, and prepare for the Rhythm Section.

Panoweg to Runca (Da Rhythm Section)

Find your rhythm in this section with its drops, rollers, tables, step-ups, corners, and doubles. Then it gets really exciting with some pumping down to Runca. There are tools and inner tubes available at the restaurant, making it an ideal stop for riders and their bikes.

Uaul la Runca (Woodyland)

The lowest portion of the trail is designated a Flow Country Trail and offers the most fun for the widest range of skill levels. No more views; from here the Runcatrail is dominated by the unforgiving terrain of the Flims landslide. It twists and turns through the landscape on wooden features (treated with textured paint) that pay homage to the freeride roots of the North Shore, followed by a flowy surfaced single trail. Named segments include the Cave Club, Snaki Land (because of the snakes, we're not joking), the Rock, the Crocodile, the flowy Alphorn, Jonas Corner, the Wave and at the Chillout we are nearing the end of this memorable experience.

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