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Rain Doesn't Stop New Trails from Being Built at Spirit Mountain

Wet weather is no good for riding, but at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN, the building presses on. New this summer, IMBA Trail Solutions has partnered with FlowRide Trail Design to deliver a fresh, intermediate/advanced connector trail that shows off some of the technical, rocky natural terrain the mountain has to offer.

The half-mile connector may be short, but it’s packed with features and was completed just in time for the July holiday weekend. The trail caters to intermediate and advanced riders, challenging them to rocky roll overs and drops on their way to flowy singletrack. “We lined up the trail so that it comes down through some of the rocks at the top,” said one of FlowRide’s founding partners and head builder on the project, Shea Ferrell. “Its real purpose is to get people into these cool terrain zones on the mountain.”

FlowRide’s area of expertise is jump trails and bike parks, so they are well-qualified to create a fun, rowdy route. Next on FlowRide’s to-do list is a new Skills Park at the base of the mountain where riders of all levels can get a solid introduction to what’s waiting for them in the adventure park.

The area will span about 500’ and play host to a beginner flow trail with optional features such as ladder bridges and berms. As riders gain confidence in their handling skills, they can move on to the advanced jumps and wooden slope-style features planned. The park will be a great tool for all levels and is set to be complete by mid-July. That is, as long as the rain holds off….

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