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New Mountain Bike Trails for Uwharrie National Forest

Another round of improvements at the Wood Run trail system in the Uwharrie National Forest is resulting in several new sections of high-quality singletrack.  Utilizing a Recreational Trails Grant from the State of North Carolina, the Southern Off-Road Bicycling Association (SORBA) continues to work with the National Forest and the local community to make the trail system more fun and sustainable.

Trail Solutions developed the trail master plan and designed the trails, and Trail Specialist Stephen Mullins is now providing construction management services to SORBA.  Long-time PTBA members and IMBA corporate sponsors Trail Dynamics are carving beautiful singlerack into the landscape, complete with berms and rock features to add spice to the ride.

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Woodson trails

Looks like some really nice improvements on the trails at Woodrun. Keep up the good work.

Single Track

I forgot about the Uwharrie having so many other places to ride close to home. I spent a lot of time in the Uwharrie when I was in the military. It would be nice to ride a bicycle there rather than busting bush with a big ruck on. Thanks to all those invovled and who had a hand in this one. I will make it a priority to get my IMBA membership active again. I will plan on making some trips down to the Uwharrie before the weather gets too cold to ride. At least too cold for me. Very, Very Cool!!! Thanks for this one....