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New Mountain Bike Trails in Hong Kong

The continued partnership among Hong Kong's Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department, the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association, and IMBA's Trail Solutions program has resulted in the completion of Tin Man, a new bike-friendly singletrack trail. Led by Trail Specialist Tony Boone with support from DirTraction's HM Lim, the new trail winds through the dense jungle and is part of the many improvements recently made to the network.

The trail opening attracted 25 HKMBA volunteers to put the finishing touches on the trail with three rock crossings, 40 metres of benchcut trail, and 50 metres of other trail improvements in only three hours. After a brief ceremony the Tin Man trail was ready to ride, much to the delight of local mountain bicyclists. Both HKMBA and AFCD deserve credit for their collective commitment to developing new trails for mountain bicyclists.


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