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Meet the Builder: Jason Wells

Jason Wells joined the IMBA Trail Care Crew seven years ago with his wife, Anna Laxague (currently the Pacific Northwest Regional Director). After a couple years on the road teaching trail building schools, they transitioned into new positions with IMBA, and Jason became a Trail Specialist.

He grew up on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington before settling in Oregon. His first set of wheels was a push bike made of wood and shaped like a horse. He was two. BMX followed and it’s been all “downhill” from there. And while he loves having his wheels in the air, he’s also down for some climbing. Favorite trails? The ones he rides with his favorite people.

To get a taste of his work, head to the Sandy Ridge Trail System near Mt. Hood, Oregon — Jason’s backyard. You’d be one of about 120,000 people who ride there each year. For Jason, the real joy of trail building is seeing others enjoy it, increasing their stoke and who knows, maybe even changing their lives for the better. Outside of Oregon, Jason is responsible for much of the bike park and flow trail development done by Trail Solutions.

When it comes to building, Jason can go either way; he’s happy in the peace and quiet that comes with hand cutting a trail, but give him some good tunes and an excavator and you’ll really see the dirt fly. Besides machines, Jason also counts on his supervisor, Moxy, to keep him on track at “the office.”  Colleagues are very important. That’s why Jason’s advice is to build and learn from as many different people as possible. Never let your ego get in the way of progress.

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