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Louisville Ride Center Progress Continues in 4000-acre Urban Park

The 4,000 acre Parklands of Floyds Fork in metropolitan Louisville, KY, is one of the largest new urban park systems in the nation. 21st Century Parks, Inc., the non-profit organization responsible for creating and operating this innovative network of public spaces, desired to add a high-quality mountain bike and hiking trail system to their offering and approached IMBA for assistance.

The proposed trails and ride center will be progressive and appeal to a range of skill levels and riding styles, supporting the growth of a diverse bicycling community. Furthermore, the award-winning architectural and design standards developed in the park will ensure that the overall user experience will be without parallel. When considered collectively, the park system will provide a comprehensive, holistic, and world-class trail experiences within 20 minutes of downtown Louisville’s 1.2 million residents.

Trail Solutions’ Project Manager Alex Harrington, along with Shea Ferrell of Flowline Trail Design, initiated the Parklands’ Silo Center Bike Park design work in Louisville late last month. They were lucky to catch a brief respite from the Midwest’s harsh winter weather to spend a week surveying the site, designing a ride zone and flagging miles of future flow trails. The site design is guided by a theme of progression. Whether you are a child riding for the first time, an experienced biker wanting to catch some big air or somewhere in between, the Brown-Foreman Silo Center Bike Park will feature progressive facilities designed to allow users of all abilities to find hours of enjoyment minutes from Louisville.

FEATURE PHOTO: Shea Ferrell stands in an abandoned tobacco field contemplating the placement of several jump lines that will be built along this ridge.

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