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Louisville, KY, IMBA Chapter Secures $20K Grant for 100-Mile Trail System

The Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (KyMBA) of Louisville, a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), was awarded a $20,000 grant in September from the IMBA Trail Building Fund program.

This grant will be used to develop a master plan allowing KyMBA Louisville to fulfill its vision of becoming the first metropolitan city to offer 100 or more miles of natural-surface singletrack trail. The funds will specifically go toward creation of a comprehensive trail plan that will include a number of parks such as the Moreman Hills portion of Jefferson Memorial Forest, Iroquois Park, Waverly Park, and Cherokee-Seneca Park, with an outlining of a road map for the entire, 100-mile initiative.

To facilitate the process, KyMBA Louisville has invited IMBA Trail Solutions to visit the city during the first week of December. Rich Edwards, manager of Trail Solutions, Dan Hudson, Trail Specialist, and Andy Williamson, IMBA Great Lakes Region Director, will be on hand to assess various parks and determine the most appropriate trail types to develop within each park. The goal is to create a coherent trail system that provides riding opportunities for several styles and abilities of mountain biker. For example, one park may offer flow trails specifically for beginners, while another park may offer technical, gravity-fed trails for more advanced riders.

Thanks to a vibrant group of volunteers and strong leadership, Louisville already has about 20 miles of mountain bike trails with an additional 25-40 miles slated for the Parklands of Floyds Fork on the east side of the metropolitan area. To better facilitate trail use, the natural surface trails will integrate into the Louisville Loop, a planned 100-mile, paved path around the city that is currently 25 percent complete. The tie-in will make it easier for Louisville’s approximately 1.3 million residents to go from their driveways to singletrack via their bikes.

The master plan will include the designation of approximate trail locations and mileage, a development budget and a phasing plan for completion of the trails. It will also include strategies for creating a sustainable leadership plan, providing ongoing maintenance for the trails and increasing support for the project within the local community.

This impressive video from KyMBA explains the project in detail.

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