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Local Bike Industry Steps Up to Support Sandy Ridge Trail

The Sandy Ridge Trail system is gaining renown as one of the best mountain bike trails in the U.S.  All of the flowing goodness would not be possible without a strong partnership that includes the Bureau of Land Management, the Northwest Trail Alliance (NWTA), and IMBA’s Trail Solutions program.  Recently, the bike industry in nearby Portland, Oregon, has stepped forward with significant support of the trail.  NWTA’s recent eNewsletter says it best:

“It wasn't too long ago that hiking trails and fire roads were our only means of connecting with the great landscape our Northwest has to offer.  Things are changing for the better and in a BIG way.  Right in our backyard is a growing community of riders, and together we have become an organized and legitimate voice of trail rights and trail advocacy.  Now we have a devoted sponsor showing support for our trails and taking an interest in trail development.  Our friends at Fat Tire Farm took a long, hard look at where to focus efforts and picked Sandy Ridge.  Park Chambers and the crew have hired a dedicated trail builder to work over the next several months, dialing in that line you'll ride next weekend.  The lucky fellow's name is Chris Milucky aka "Bama", and he and his wife have bought an Airstream, and moved it to the base of the Sandy Ridge system for the summer.  Sweet job eh?  So why is Fat Tire Farm doing this? Because they want to show support for Sandy Ridge, one of the raddest trail systems around, help make it even better and really put the NW on the map!  It's great to see one of our local bike businesses take such an active role in supporting our sport, and we look forward to seeing more sponsors take that first step and help shape the future of our trails. Thanks Fat Tire Farm!”

Thank you, indeed, to the Fat Tire Farm for their great support that is making the Sandy Ridge Trail system a national model for bike-specific trails.

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