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Joey Klein to Be Keynote Speaker at 2013 IMBA Australasian Summit

IMBA Australia and Trail Solutions are pleased to announce that Joey Klein will be returning to Oz as a keynote speaker at the 2013 (inaugural) IMBA Australasian Summit in Cairns this October.

Joey has visited Down Under several times over the past ten years, and has been instrumental in educating advocates and land managers on the creation of fun, sustainable trails. With Australian trail builders and riders pushing the limits it will be a pleasure for Joey to return to see the fruits of his early labours, and pick up some new seeds of wisdom to bring back to North America.

Joey will also be the guest speaker for this year’s Trail Building Master Class. IMBA Australia is seeking communities, clubs, or organisations that want to host the Master Class, to be held 24-27 October. Contact nick [at] imba-au [dot] com for more info.

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