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IMBA Endorses Alpine Bike Parks' FlowForm™ Series of Engineered Bicycle Playground Structures

Alpine Bike Parks and the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) are pleased to announce that they are working together to promote and establish Alpine's FlowForm™  products as the new standard in bike park and trail features.

Developed by Alpine Bike Parks' Judd de Vall and Jason Plumb in the collaborative effort to envision, design and craft Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado, FlowForm™ brings a new level of durability and professionally engineered flow and ride quality to bike parks across North America and beyond.

"FlowForm™ features are engineered bicycle playground structures that will bring bike parks up to the level of professional design common in traditional playgrounds and other public amenities," says Alpine's founder, Judd de Vall, "Our goal is to provide recreation managers with a clearly superior bike park product that is popular with riders, aesthetically beautiful, and extremely durable."    

IMBA's Director of Consulting Services, Chris Bernhardt, has a few words on this relationship, "Alpine's FlowForm™  products solve one of the biggest problems we see with bike parks: lack of maintenance. When jump lips degrade and bridge structures crumble, no one is having fun, but FlowForm™ keeps people riding and happy."

Bernhardt adds, "Bike parks need to have a range of riding opportunities, with everything from beginner flow trails to expert-level jumps. FlowForm™ products come in a range of shapes and sizes and make it easy for communities and resorts to develop high-quality bike parks. We always advise our clients and advocates to use durable materials when building bike parks and trails, and FlowForm™ products help meet this recommendation."

Already designed and installed into bike parks in Colorado, California, and British Columbia, Canada, FlowForm™  has proven to be a solid winner. FlowForm™  addresses the durability and liability concerns of stakeholders and land managers who are looking for a solid solution to short lived and unsightly features that make up many of today's existing bike park facilities.

Alpine Bike Parks will showcase FlowForm™ at the 2012 IMBA World Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico from October 10-13, 2012, as well as the National Parks and Recreational Association's Expo and Congress in Anaheim California from October 16-19, 2012.  We encourage mountain bike advocates and recreation managers attending either NRPA or IMBA WS to book meeting times with Alpine's Principal, Judd de Vall, to discuss opportunities and include FlowForm™ into your bike park design documents.

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