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Gravity Goodness in Draper City

This past weekend Trail Solutions’ Joey Klein led a Trail Building Clinic in Draper CIty, Utah, that was attended by equestrians, trail runners, mountain bikers, hikers, Boy Scouts and their families, and the Draper Trail Crew.

Similar to jurisdictions across the world, mountain biking has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy the shared use trail network in Draper.  In the past, a typical reaction to "trail crowding" would be to restrict bicycle access.  In Draper, however, the city’s solution is to add mountain bike-specific trails to take pressure off other routes.  A new trail called "Rush" is a single direction flow trail designed with that in mind, serving a wide range of riders in Corner Canyon.

Joey Klein was excited to work side-by-side with "old friends" Brad Jensen (City Engineer/trails planner) and Clark Naylor (legendary equestrian and trails advocate) to built berms, drop-offs, and rock crossings. The assembled crew roughed in seven bermed turns and several features in a day of hard work.

Some say "Rush" is becoming their favorite mountain bike trail in the Salt Lake Valley, which is not bad considering Joey and his friends at Draper are only halfway down the mountain with additional flowing singletrack to come!

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