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Garrett County State Parks and Forests Trail Project Moves Forward

The culmination of many years of work by IMBA has resulted in the State of Maryland Board of Public Works recently approving the development of new natural surface trails on State lands in Garrett County. IMBA's Trail Solutions program will be in leading the design and development that will produce approximately 30 miles of new trails coursing through and linking Deep Creek Lake, Herrington Manor and Swallow Falls State Parks, and Garrett State Forest.

The project’s first phase will include creating approximately five miles of new trail at Deep Creek Lake State Park, with all three phases to be complete and trails to open to the public in 2018. The trails will be shared-use for walkers/runners, bicyclists and equestrians. Constructed as narrow singletrack paths, they capture the spirit of DNR’s shared mission to conserve the State’s natural resources while providing backcountry recreation for citizens and visitors.

The project will emphasize and enhance the educational, conservational and recreational experiences offered in Western Maryland. These efforts are being carried out by the Maryland Park Service in response to Governor Martin O’Malley’s goal of creating a “trail system second to none that bolsters our economy through recreation and tourism; to better connect our citizens to our natural and cultural heritage; and to foster better health through outdoor activities and experiences.”

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