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Cuyuna Pump Track Proposal

The reason that Cuyuna Lakes is an IMBA Ride Center is clear: it has a lot of great, bike-specific trails. Not content to rest on their laurels, however, the community is hoping to build a pump track that will increase the options for riders, particularly for kids. This video not only details that effort but provides great historical background on the transition from a resource extraction-based economy to one supported by tourism, a change that is occuring in many locations.


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I would absolutely love to see a pumptrack in Cuyuna. Great skills building and a lot of fun! I think it speaks volumes that a city (especially one as small as Cuyuna) would invite a pumptrack to be built over a more common city park.

Cuyuna Pumptrack

Very excited about the proposed and soon to be constructed pumptrack in Cuyuna; not only for myself, but my 3 young boys, and all the other riders coming to visit from outside the surrounding area!!! Get this done!!! As the namesake for the area, it seems as though the current council has bought in, and invested quality time and personal commitment to this great project!!!! What a great attribute to a wonderful city with much to work for. Love the idea of bringing youth to the sport via a pump track and other beginner type trails!!!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! Keep up the great work Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew!!!


Very excited! Would be awesome for everyone to see

The value of pump tracks

Back in April, I blogged about the opening of the pump park in Eagan, MN.

The idea of a pump track is to ride it around and around without pedaling. As I wrote back then, on my first stint, I was able to eventually get around the beginner track on my 29er hardtail. Hard work but fun, once I got the hang it.

When I rode Lebanon Hills a few days later, I noticed that I was able to transfer my newly acquired and modest pumping skills to the rollers there. I was pleased.

I did a couple of more sessions on the beginner pump track before I went to Cuyuna Lakes MBT Festival in June. I was ecstatic. I could not believe how much more fun it was to ride Cuyuna’s roller-infested flow trails. Every little rise and dip in the trail became an opportunity to accelerate without pedaling.

I'm thrilled that plans are progressing to build a top-notch pump track at Cuyuna. It'll seduce me to spending even more of my weekends there.

Cuyuna Pump Track

We come up to the Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trail area as often as we can. A pump track would be one more reason to go!

Pump Track

My Husband I are from Kansas City, Missouri and we recently spent five days riding the trails at Cayuna this July. We had a constant smile on our faces while riding the trails and referred to Cayuna as the Disneyland of mountain bike ridding. We are hoping that we can squeeze in another trip this October. Instead of waiting for another year to return. It's just that awesome! The community was great and offered superb customer service every where we went. It was also fun to be able to cool off with a dip into the crystal clear lakes surrounding the trails. A pump track would only take this place from extraordinary to phenomenal. We have a six year old son that just learned how to ride his bike. A pump track would be a great place to introduce him to the sport we love.

The Cuyuna Cycling Revolution

These are exciting times in the Cuyuna Lakes filled with a community wide revolution and passion for an outdoor recreation based lifestyle. Adults and kids alike, riding, pedaling smiling! It's fun to see how cycling has the power to change an economy and lifestyle within our region. It proves when working with partners such as IMBA, anything is possible. We look forward to bringing a Ride Center quality pump track to the Cuyuna Lakes IMBA Ride Center! Thank you IMBA for all your past, present and future efforts in the continued development of the Cuyuna Lakes!


My kids used to think I was crazy when I said "ride that bike!", which I muttered often when I saw a bike, forgotten and forlorn behind someone's garage or catching bugs on the back of an RV. It came out a little snarky and accusing. Today, on the Cuyuna range I proudly say to my brothers and sisters" "Ride that bike!" and it feels more like an expression of joy, esprit de corps, brother- and sister-hood, and even a call to arms in the battle against a moribund lifestyle I grew up and went to high school in the area; know all the little towns well. Not every community is fortunate enough to find the combination of folks willing to make the effort to create a facility like is growing on the Cuyuna Range (Minnesota-speak for ore-bearing geography) in MN. Those folks are forging new paths and creating connections across almost impossible gulfs with their efforts. What was once a dying area with little hope has become an exciting place to visit; I think its reputation is expanding past state and even national borders. Minnesota is a great place for outdoor recreation, not just bicycling. For some Cuyuna is a story of a great midwest ride in a state not known for much vertical challenge, but as one who came from there I see even more; I see the bicycle and the love for adventure as instrumental in the victory over the slow deaths by despair in those towns. I may be a mite biased because of my love for the bicycle, but the trails and the park brought riders to town with smiles on their faces, and the riders bring HOPE. There is something about the infectious joy that mountain bikers bring that makes all the difference to these struggling towns. A dollar or two in the local economy is wonderful, but nothing like the example of another range of possibilities shown by the influx of colorfully-clad-and-helmeted cyclists. Thank you to the visionary folks who created this video, thank you to the folks who worked so hard to bring cycling to the Cuyuna range, and thank You to IMBA for cheerleading and uniting riders all over the world so that there ARE cyclists bringing hope and light to little old rural central MN. Ride that bike!