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Clackamas County Tourism Pledges $10,000 to Support BLM’s Sandy Ridge Mountain Biking Trails

Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs, marketers of Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory, has pledged $10,000 to support the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Sandy Ridge Mountain Biking Trail System. The funds will be used directly for expanding the trail system, which draws 40,000 visitors to Clackamas County each year.

“Thoughtfully-executed recreation sites such as Sandy Ridge have a profound impact not only on visitors’ experiences, but also on the economic well-being of communities and Oregonians’ quality of life,” said Jae Heidenreich, Development Lead for Clackamas County.

The support of destination mountain bike trail systems by tourism groups is further proof of the economic value that mountain bicyclists can bring, particularly to rural communities whose land base consists of public forests and open spaces. The trails at Sandy Ridge have benefited local communities in Clackamas County, particularly the nearby town of Sandy.

The trails within the system were designed and built by IMBA’s Trail Solutions program with assistance from youth corps crews and the Northwest Trails Alliance, an IMBA chapter. Sandy Ridge offer world-class mountain biking in the Pacific Northwest and has become popular with riders visiting from across the States, as well as Canada, Europe, and Latin America.

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