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BLM Opens New IMBA-Built Trails

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Oregon will be opening the new and improved Alsea Falls Trail System for the public on Sunday, June 22. The system, built in partnership with IMBA’s Trail Solutions program and IMBA chapter Team Dirt, will contain six miles of trails, including two mountain bike flow trails.

Trail Solutions employees Shane Wilson, Alex Harrington, Jason Wells, and Forrest Bault worked closely with the BLM to create the high-intensity trails that will have you running multiple laps to enjoy the flow. Team Dirt has been critical to the project’s success, to date invested more than 1,500 hours into trail construction and maintenance.

The trail system lies along the South Fork Alsea River Back Country Byway, a paved BLM road that offers a scenic and less-hurried route between Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the Pacific Coast. Camping is conveniently located next to the trails to allow riders to ride-in/ride-out. A wonderful weekend of riding can be had when Alsea Falls is paired with the nearby Marys Peak Loop.

Visit the BLM’s website for information on the trail system, including directions and a map.

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