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The All-Weather Pump Track

Pump tracks are a great way for riders to increase their skills in a low-risk environment. In most cases, however, they require regular maintenance to keep them shaped correctly and at the proper moisture level.

When faced with the desire to create a pump track at Reimers Ranch in Travis County, Texas, the Austin Ridge Riders proposed a wooden structure to reduce the maintenance load. Trail Solutions, in partnership with fineGRAIN, designed a low-impact wooden pump track that integrates into the oak woodland landscape. Lead by Trail Specialist Chris Leman, the project is rapidly advancing.

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Dimensional lumber

What did you use for the dimensional lumber? It looks like maybe a 2x12 and 2x6??


Dimensional lumber

Don, we used PT 2x material in various configurations. We make a mini glu-lam sandwich with the exterior-grade ply to get the right height and then shape it with the saw.