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Aaron Rogers Joins Trail Solutions

It is with pleasure that the Trail Solutions program welcomes Aaron Rogers to the IMBA family. Aaron hails from Copper Harbor, MI (the upper-ist part of the Upper Peninsula), where he is the mastermind and primary builder of the famed Copper Harbor Trails System, a network of such high quality that it garnered IMBA's coveted Ride Center status.

Aaron will work closely with Hansi Johnson, IMBA's Midwest Regional Director, to plan, design, and construct high-quality mountain bike trails. Aaron is well-known in the upper Midwest as building trails with the most fun and flow per mile, and he brings with him a wide range of skills. Aaron is a great addition to what is already the largest and most-skilled team of mountain bike trailbuilders in the world.

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Since you guys are probably

Since you guys are probably snowed in, you should send Aaron down to Texas. We have a flow / DH project that could use his magic touch!

Great news!

Congrats Aaron. Congrats Hansi. This is good news all around.