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30+ Miles of New Singletrack for Northern Pennsylvania

The Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association and Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways makes no small plans.  When the opportunity presented itself to create a new mountain bike trail system in the Allegheny National Forest in northern Pennsylvania, NAMBA and the PKP worked with other stakeholders to retain IMBA’s Trail Solutions.  Guided by the steady hand of Frank Maguire, IMBA’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, great progress is being made.

Working from a conceptual design created last fall, several Trail Solutions staff and our friends at Spectrum Trail Design and Applied Trails Research spent the past several weeks flagging 30+ miles of amazing singletrack in mind-blowing terrain.  The trails will include everything from family-friendly excursions around the lake to rocky gravity zones complete with shuttle access.

The community support for the new trail system has been spectacular, and the staff at the Allegheny National Forest has been extremely supportive.  It seems everyone shares our enthusiasm for doing something amazing with this unique and beautiful landscape.  Thanks to NAMBA, the riders in the mid-Atlantic region are going to be feasting on another world-class trail system!

Check out the local news article for details.

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Amazing Terrain!

That area is beautiful and will become a mecca for MTB enthusiasts! The lake is awesome, the rocks are HUGE and the terrain is amazing! I can't wait to see these trails finished.

I can't wait to help out with

I can't wait to help out with this amazing project! Thanks NAMBA and IMBA!

Jakes Rocks Trails

I was lucky enough to get to join in on this phase of the design. The Allegheny NF is an incredibly beautiful place and the local supporters of this system of trails are super people. This will be a gem.