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Progressing Advocacy in Ithaca, NY

Posted: June 3 - 2014

We rolled in Thursday afternoon to a few enthusiastic club members who were excited to flag a new trail corridor just outside their current system. Unfortunately, once on the trail we encountered... Read More

Long Day, Amazing Results.

Posted: October 17 - 2013

Our Trail Care Crew visit this weekend was hosted by NAMBA, the Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA), in Jamestown, NY. We were tasked with a reroute of a very fall line section of... Read More

Guest Blogger Jon Sundquist: A Message From Ellicottville, NY

Posted: May 8 - 2013

Preface from Adam Coppola, IMBA Northeast Region Director: One of the biggest access issues that has challenged the Northeast Region since I joined IMBA in January, is the "single-use" request of the... Read More

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