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inspiring people

Faces of Advocacy: Judi Ronkartz

Posted: July 2 - 2011

The most successful clubs in the mountain bike advocacy world do a lot of things really well.  They build trails, they speak for the mountain bike community, and they get more people on bikes.  The... Read More

Faces of Advocacy: Roxy Feagan

Posted: May 12 - 2011

We're profiling awesome advocates from around the country in our "Faces of Advocacy" series... Check out Chris and Leslie's first profile, and here is our second of the series. Roxy Feagan is the... Read More

Faces of Advocacy: Chris Orr

Posted: April 12 - 2011

Recently the Trail Care Crews have been reminiscing about all of the great people they meet as they travel the country.  Each weekend is inspiring as we work with volunteers, land managers, local... Read More

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