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imba trail solutions

30+ Miles of New Singletrack for Northern Pennsylvania

Posted: May 8 - 2011

The Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association and Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways makes no small plans.  When the opportunity presented itself to create a new mountain bike trail system in the... Read More

New Trail Construction at Bowman Lodge

Posted: May 7 - 2011

Between tornado warnings and torrential storms, IMBA's Trail Solutions team is building six new miles of sweet singletrack in Oklahoma.  Working for Bowman Lodge, a non-profit organization that... Read More

Back in Black

Posted: April 19 - 2011

Report and photos from IMBA trail specialist Joey Klein Last week I revisited an old friend, Arizona's Black Canyon Trail. It had been 6 years since I did the initial design and concept plan for the... Read More

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