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Coming Full Circle at the IMBA Great Lakes Summit: A Tribute to Dad

Posted: June 13 - 2011

Life will often come full circle. It did for me recently as I addressed the mountain bike advocates and enthusiasts at the recent IMBA Great Lakes Mountain Bike Summit held in Copper Harbor, Michigan... Read More

Who Made The Rules?

Posted: April 6 - 2011

[Photo: Closeup look at a muddy biker as featured in a somewhat controversial Subaru ad. At IMBA's request, Subaru ammended the ad copy to state that it's best to avoid riding on muddy trails, and... Read More

Change is Coming

Posted: March 21 - 2011

With the launch of IMBA’s new website comes the opportunity to better interact with IMBA's members and supporters. The overarching feature of, v2.0 is technology that supports more... Read More

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